Audience: Project Managers

PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management), Power Skills (Leadership) and Ways of Working (Technical) Project Management


Having trouble getting your sponsor to engage? Learn how to leverage the best tools and techniques to turn your sponsor into a rock star champion for your project!


Having trouble getting your sponsor to focus on your project? Did their engagement end when the charter was signed? What!? They didn’t even read the charter?

If you want to improve your sponsor relationship and get exactly what you need from them to keep you project moving forward, this webinar was built for you. Unfortunately, most sponsors don’t understand what is expected of them. Why would they? We haven’t told them, yet!

We start with a sponsor assessment to help you evaluate the kind of sponsor you have for your project. That is key to understanding what comes next. Then, we apply a sponsor management process and various techniques and tools to help you focus your sponsor on precisely what they need to know, help them understand what is expected of them throughout the project lifecycle, and how they can support you through the process of managing a project. Happy and engaged sponsor = happy project manager! Join us if you want to learn the secrets to sponsor engagement and how to master the most critical component of any change success.